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Dissolve the Ministry of Torture! مش عاوزينك يا داخلية هنقضيها لجان شعبية

Protesters marching in the square, calling for the dissolution of the interior ministry and its replacement with popular committees and community policing.

Thousands of protesters continued to flock to Tahrir on Tuesday, for the fifth day on the row, demanding the cabinet resignation, purging the interior ministry and holding public trials for Mubarak and other regime figures. The demonstrators’ fury was further inflamed today by a threatening speech from the Supreme Council of Armed Forces, which constituted an official declaration of war on the revolution. I heard strong chants against the police, PM Essam Sharaf, and the military junta generals. The government also has imposed a media ban on the judges, prohibiting them from delivering any statements to the media.

Simultaneous protests and sit ins are taking place in Alexandria, Suez and several other provinces, north and south. Islamist forces like the Muslim Brotherhood, Gamaa Islamiya and the Salafi Nour Party are not taking part and have publicly denounced the protests in Tahrir and elsewhere in the country.

By 5pm, tens of thousands more responded to earlier calls for marching on the ministerial cabinet headquarters in Qasr el-Eini street, in one of the biggest marches the capital has witnessed since Mubarak’s fall.

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