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2008 – Egyptian Revolution Soundtrack

Egyptian Revolution by Hossam El-Hamalawy

This is a music track I put together in 2008 following the April Mahalla uprising, where I mixed Yann Tiersen’s “Summer ’78” piano piece with anti-Mubarak chants I had recorded previously during Kefaya protests.

Finally, the talented photographer/multimedia journalist and friend James Buck added the music track to a slide show of photos, taken by Nasser Nouri and edited into black and white by me, of the uprising…


Solidarity needed with @JamesBuck

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James Buck

Disgusting and alarming… James Buck is accused by the Mubarak’s regime of “defaming Egypt’s reputation through articles and pictures published about 2008 civil unrest..”


US journalist denied entry to Egypt, deported to UAE

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James Buck

Journalist James Buck was denied entry at the Cairo Airport passport control, and was deported to Dubai.

The Cairo Airport has become an ongoing saga over the past couple of years, with repeated harassment against both activists and journalists.

Buck is a talented mutlimedia journalist based in Oakland, California, who bravely covered the Mahalla uprising in 2008, and was briefly held in police custody.